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Countryside Bike
Our Siem Reap cycling tours offer different bike day trips to see real Cambodia including bike to visit the magnificent Angkor Wat along with small circuit through the Angkor jungle trails, gently bike to interact the locals admired by rural villages, countryside dotting with palm trees & cattle, cycling adventure to visit remote Banteay Srei temple and combined bike trip of beautiful village & Kampong Phluk of Tonle Sap where you have the boat excursion to see stilt houses atop high poles and explore the lush mangroves by canoes.

We believe our unique designed bike adventure tours bring you an unforgettable experience of all your Angkor trips.
Bike Angkor Wat
Bike Banteay Srei
Bike Tonle Sap
Kampong Phluk
Bike Tour Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is a must-see in Cambodia - one of the world’s wonders. By gentle bike speed, the tour provides fantastic adventure to see its majestic...
Bike Tour To Banteay Srei

This should be a wonderful cycling adventure tour that offers the best insights to see charming rural villages, passing mountainous rice paddies dotting with palm trees...
Bike Tour To Tonle Sap Lake

Beyond Angkor complex, you can find something more unique and escape to see beautiful countryside whose rural lifestyle animated by farming, gardening...
Bike Tour To Kampong Phluk

​Reveal exotic Cambodia by bike through beautiful countryside dotting with palm trees, passing some villages adorned by stilt houses, see animals, water...
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Siem Reap Authentic Village
Siem Reap Oxcart Ride
Siem Reap Authentic Village
Siem Reap Bike Tour
Countryside Bike Tour

Away from the hassle Siem Reap city, you can make a gentle pace on mountain-bike which is led by our professional local tour guide and see beautiful Cambodia...
Village Tour & Oxcart Ride

Experience the exotic walking tour through Cambodia rural villages where you come across gardening & farming activities or you may help them as well as seeing...
Village Tour & Tonle Sap Lake

Uniquely experience a short oxcart ride through the village before handing on authentic countryside activities such as farming, gardening, rice planting...
Authentic Village Experience

​From the hassle Siem Reap city to stunning paddies dotting with palm trees and cattle, Siem Reap rural community provides authentic experience with locals...
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Beng Mealea Temple
Phnom Kulen Waterfall
Kbal Spean 1000 linga
Wildlife ACCB
Beng Mealea Adventure

Explore the hidden ruined temple “Beng Mealea” sitting within the lush wilderness and is famed for its serenity, intertwined trees and the perfection for photographing.
Phnom Kulen Waterfall

Leisurely enjoy the relaxation near the fascinating waterfall of Phnom Kulen national park, cool off and swim under the falls. The holy Phnom Kulen or “Mountain...
Kbal Spean & Banteay Srei

To those who like to explore Angkorain temples for the next following days after visiting Angkor Wat, this private tour would be an ideal for you to go...
Wildlife, Kbal Spean & Banteay Srei

​If you love wildlife and wish to learn more about Cambodian wildlife conversation, this is absolutely designed to meet your expectation. The private journey...
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Bamboo Sticky Rice
Preah Ang Thom
Phnom Kulen Waterfall
Banteay Srei Temple
Beng Mealea & Koh Ker​​

Could be the perfect day tour for those who really love adventurous trip to see Cambodia remote temples including Beng Mealea jungle temple & forested Pre...
Phnom Kulen & Banteay Srei

Greatly combined Phnom Kulen waterfall with Banteay Srei at the end of the journey. The guided tour offers fantastic walking tour to see the holy shrine atop the...
Phnom Kulen & Beng Mealea

Cool off and swim under the fascinating Phnom Kulen waterfall, enjoy the guided walking orientation to unlock Angkor history, see the giant reclining...
Beng Mealea & Banteay Srei

​From magnificent Angkor Wat to the natural Tonle Sap Lake, Beng Mealea ruined temple combined with intricately carved Banteay Srei tour provides a great fully...
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